Isaac is an award winner humor writer. He offers talks that combine humor with science to promote individual, organizational, and community well-being.

Latest Humor Book

The motto of this book is smarter through laughter. The Laughing Guide to Change combines humor and science to make you happier and healthier. To improve your well-being you need to master your behaviors, emotions and thoughts. These are important drivers of change that can be learned and practiced every day. To reinforce the learning, the scientific part of each chapter is followed by funny stories. In the Behaviors chapter you will learn how to set a goal and create positive habits. In the Emotions chapter you will study the secrets of cultivating positive emotions and managing negative emotions. After reading the Thoughts chapter you will be able to master the art of challenging negative assumptions and writing a new story about yourself. The Laughing Guide to Change is a user friendly manual for tackling different aspects of well-being, from psychological to interpersonal to physical well-being. If you are interested in improving your personal, family, or occupational life, this book is for you. The book will motivate you to take action through a series of achievable steps. The humor will keep you entertained, while the science will keep you engaged. BUY IT NOW!

The motto of this book is smarter through laughter. If you can laugh about it, you can probably change it. The authors use a heavy dose of humor (the laughing side), and a healthy measure of science (the learning side) to help you improve yourself, your relationships, and your surroundings. The book introduces the “I CAN model,” which stands for Interactions, Context, Awareness, and Next steps. Interactions are powerful determinants of health and happiness. There are two skills that can make our interactions healthier: the ability to connect and the capacity to communicate. Context is also a powerful but often neglected driver of change. The contexts of our lives consist of people, places, and things. To leverage context to our advantage we need to master the art of reading cues and changing cues in the environment. Awareness is the next driver of change. Regardless of where you are in the process of change, there is always a next step to strengthen your change, maintain your gains, and keep thriving. To do that, you need to make a plan, and you need to make it stick. The book will teach you how to use these drivers of change to flourish and thrive. BUY IT NOW!

Do you experience stress? Are you interested in better health and well-being? Do you pursue happiness? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to read this book. If you answered no, you’re in denial. All of us can use a little help to become happier or healthier. Unfortunately, the help we get is often too scary: “if you don’t do this or that, some catastrophic event of epic proportions will happen.” Prilleltensky’s approach, in contrast, is to help you become healthier and happier through laughter. In this hilarious book, Prilleltensky combines humor with science to help you improve your well-being. Each chapter consists of the Laughing Side, a series of funny stories; and the Learning Side, a research-based, user-friendly guide to health and happiness. The first chapter provides an overview of well-being, while subsequent chapters cover each of its six domains: Interpersonal, Community, Occupational, Physical, Psychological, and Economic (I COPPE). When you finish the book you’ll have a greater understanding of your life, and ways to make it better. BUY IT NOW!

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These are some comments about his latest humor book

  • This book is hilarious. It is so funny that you will be tempted to race through abstract advice about well-being and happiness to get to the next funny story and have another belly laugh. Do not race. You will miss the wisdom for the wit.
    Martin E. P. Seligman
    Professor, University of Pennsylvania
    Author of Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being
  • ”Isaac’s book is hilarious. I believe if you can get people to laugh that means you’re getting them to listen, and when they listen, they learn. This book accomplishes all three of these things.”
    Yakov Smirnoff
    Comedian, Actor and Writer
  • "A Revelation! This is exactly what we need. The Laughing guide to Well-Being shows the one little changeable thing in our life – a better sense of humor – that can transform relationships, visions toward the future, and our health. But as we’ve gotten more prosperous over the years, we’ve also gotten more serious, skeptical, and snarky in our humor. Prilleltensky’s brilliant book shows how we can turn this around. There is no easier way to have a ripple across the rest of our lives than to realize that our laughing side is also our learning side."
    Brian Wansink
    Professor, Cornell University
    Author of Slim by Design and Mindless Eating
  • "This is a disarmingly clever and humorous book that offers a rich array of wise advice on how to live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life in a topical and relevant way that makes you want more and more! The best part? The author shares many personal amusing stories from his own fascinating life! A brilliant and useful tool for everyone!"
    S. Leonard Syme
    Professor Emeritus, University of California Berkeley
    Co-Editor of Promoting Health: Intervention Strategies from Social and Behavioral Research
  • "The capacity to laugh is essential to our well-being and needed more today than ever. This book provides the evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, that we each have the capacity to incorporate humor to strengthen our sense of well-being. Be good to yourself, read this book!"
    Spencer Niles
    Dean and Professor, School of Education, The College of William & Mary
    Co-Author of Career Flow and Career Development Interventions
  • "If you are suffering from ennui or boredom, or just looking to enrich your everyday life, you will find this book to be hysterically funny, inspirational, and educational. The authenticity and humanity of the author, Isaac Prilleltensky, permeates every passage so deeply that you will feel that you have found a great friend and mentor."
    Geoff Nelson
    Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
    Co-editor of Community Psychology and Community Mental Health
  • "Prilleltensky adeptly tackles the challenges that confront most humor scholars. How can the science of laughter be taken seriously? This book provides entertaining stories to illustrate and validate the psychology of humor as integral to the search for well-being."
    Mary Kay Morrison
    President, Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
    Author of Using Humor to Maximize Living
  • "The Laughing Guide to Well-Being changed my life!!! I gained 2 hours a day of productive time by simply washing my Senokot down with pomegranate juice…who knew….Isaac did!!! You will learn and laugh; a great prescription for well-being."
    Kenneth A. Rosen
    Chief Executive Officer
    Infinity Sales Group
  • "Who knew a self-help book could be funny, while being grounded in legitimate science; a guide to greater health or happiness, without being moralizing or prescriptive; or wise and insightful, without the self-directed blandishments from an author who can’t see himself having the same problems the rest of us have. Dr. Prilleltensky has managed to pull off this hat trick – and produce a book that is fun to read and deeply educational."
    Harold G. Levine
    Dean and Professor
    School of Education, University of California, Davis
  • "This book is extremely funny and informative at the same time. If you want to improve your well-being while laughing out loud, read this book. Prilleltensky shows that you can do both!"
    Talma Lobel
    Professor, Tel Aviv University
    Author of Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence
  • "Isaac Prilleltensky has been long admired for his wisdom and insight about psychology, social issues, and well-being. His new book shines a light on his talents as a humorist, which allows him to generate incisive observations about the nature of the human condition. Reading this book will make you laugh and also will give you pause as you consider the complicated journey to a life of well-being, connection, and meaning. By weaving together humor, psychological insights, and compassion, Professor Prilleltensky has created a brilliant book, one that has enormous heart and a deep soul."
    David L. Blustein
    Professor, Boston College
    Author of The Psychology of Working
  • "Reading Isaac Prilleltensky’s book is like having him as your own funny, irreverent, warm, and wise friend. For years, he’s been a scholarly mentor in matters of social equity and well-being; now he offers caring guidance in living a healthy, connected, good life -- all in the context of his hilarious observations of human nature (most often his own). Open and personal, informative but never preachy, Prilleltensky shows that we can take our wellness seriously without taking ourselves too seriously."
    Laura Smith
    Associate Professor, Teachers College
    Author of Psychology, Poverty, and the End of Social Exclusion